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Maximize Your Earnings with GoQuikz – Your Trusted FinTech Partner

Empower Your Clients. Grow Your Business. Increase Your Revenue.

As a GoQuikz partner, you’ll receive a share of both subscription fees and transaction fees, creating a new and continuous revenue stream for your business. It's a win-win solution – your clients receive an intuitive, efficient financial solution, and you enjoy the financial benefits of our partnership.

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Consolidated Accounts Management Name

No more switching between systems – all their accounts, in one place.


Smart Invoicing and Real-time Reporting

Less time on admin, more time on growth.


AI-Powered Bill Tracking

They'll never miss a payment again.


Integrated Payments

Versatile payment options to keep their cash flow smooth.


Sync with Popular Accounting Packages

It's never been easier to integrate you accounting solutions. Integrations to over 30 of the most popular accounting packages including QuickBooks, Xero, Dynamics 365 and Sage

GoQuikz empowers your clients with:

As an accountant or financial advisor, you’re not just balancing books – you're helping businesses thrive. Now, you can offer them even more with GoQuikz, a financial platform designed to streamline and simplify their operations.

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