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Our Features

GoQuikz is a Feature rich platform built to suit your needs. GoQuikz can be tailored to suit a single individual or a large enterprise. Check out our features or contact us today for more information. We Love to talk about what we do! 

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IoT and Integrations

Our IoT Engine and Integration API’s are a fully featured suite of Powerful Enterprise Ready Rest API and tools that are secure, scalable and easy to develop against.

Using our event driven payment model, you can build the new and exciting ways to provide payments to your customers and get real time interaction between staff and customers every step of the way! 


We offer prebuilt integrations along with our Tap2 Technology and devices you can customise and build the next generation of payment experiences that is integration fully into your business. and if you need more tailored work our Developer Portal and engineers are on hand to help. 

Contact us Today to integrate our GoQuikz IoT engine and API into your solution. 

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GoQuikz provides Business and Personal accounts to staff tp provide the most effective payment solution around. Now you can accept payments, pay vendors and also pay staff salaries and tips all from a single solution.

Talk to one of our business team today to understand the full power of

Payments + Accounts, One Platform


Payment Links

Use Payment Links to sell online without a website. Create a fully branded payment page in just a few clicks and share the link with your customers - no code required. Using our integrations you can get updates when payments are made straight to your accounts software or see it in real time on your own dashboard. 


Tip Distribution 

Cashless tipping is at the heart of our platform. It takes the admin burden away the business owners while providing an amazing experience for the staff. Not only does the staff manage their own tips from rota to shared percentages based on roles but now the customer gets full transparency and peace of mind that the tip provided is going to the staff. 

And there is more, every staff member receives their tips directly to a GoQuikz Account that they can use as soon as they finish their shift using Apple Pay / Google Pay on their very own Debit Card!  


Point of Sale

With our initiative and interactive Products and Point of Sale solution you can create you own menus, instant pop up shops, targeted area products and so much more. 

Brand the user interface to match your colours and logos to give give your customers a tailored experience. 

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Real Time Ordering

GoQuikz Smart ordering enables consumer facing businesses to allow customers to order and pay for services directly from their seat.

  • order a meal, a round of drinks or both – Staff bring the order to table.

  • buy products, tip staff, share a menu

  • Inbuilt Kitchen Display System (KDS)

  • paying is simple: just pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Card.

  • Instantly available, NO App Required, just order & pay

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