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Winter 2022 Table Order Offer

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Winter is coming! World Cup and Christmasrush will put a strain on any business. We are here to help with the launching of our new amazing Table Order & Pay Platform.

As part of our rebrand and name change from QuikTipz to GoQuikz we are offering all businesses that contact us until the end of October a free 3 month subscription* including:

  1. Free Table Tap2 Tags for all areas of establishment

  2. Free Staff Tablet for instant ordering acknowledgement

  3. Free Tip Distribution Module for Staff to never manage tips again!

  4. And so much more!

Why provide GoQuikz Table Ordering to your customers?

  • Going to the bar to order, when visiting the pub with children, can be tricky.

  • Keep everyone seated at the table and Order & Pay using your phone – we’ll bring everything to your table.

  • GoQuikz is perfect for customers visiting the pub on your own and don’t want to lose your table.

  • Using GoQuikz customers don’t need to carry a large round of drinks back on a tray through a busy pub.

  • GoQuikz also a game-changer if you’re not as mobile or are sitting a long way from the bar, for example – in one of your beer gardens or on an upper-floor area.

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