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BEWARE: QR Code scamming on the RISE!

The FBI warns thieves are creating fake QR codes and planting them at eateries, retail shops and even parking meters, that is just one of the QR Code related headlines making the news over the last few weeks.

Let's be honest, since the start of the pandemic QR Codes have become the default for offering services to the public from menus, information websites and so much more. The QR Code, which stand for Quick Response Code, is an amazing example of leveraging a smartphone to provide new services and provide information fast.

Unfortunately, it has also become a new target for scammers and hackers to trick you into going to another site and stealing your information or worse stealing your credit card details.

Here is just 3 examples of QR Code headlines of scammers using QR Codes to steal from unsuspecting people (Links included):

Sky issue warning to customers over potential 'QR code scam'

Why you should ALWAYS ask for a physical menu: FBI warns hackers are planting fake QR CODES in restaurants that steal your data when you click the link


With the prevalence of QR Code hijacking and the use in these scams we ask our selves should we stop using QR Codes, and all of its advantages or looks for a modern approach to technology that provides a tamper proof way of delivery smart payment and information solutions, that after all is the reason why QR Code became so popular during the pandemic and brought its awareness to the forefront.

You may not know this but the simple, QR Code has been around since 1994, that's almost 30 years ago, time flies doesn't it!! I believe that QR Codes still have a place and is a great tool when in a trusted environment but the fact they can be defeated by simply printing a new QR Code on a sticker and overlaying it on the existing code that gives a hacker access to your smart phone is not just troubling, its dangerous.

Our team at GoQuikz has come up with a solution that combines cloud based IoT software and the latest in RFID/NFC chips that provide a tamper proof solution while also enhancing the functionality of what a QR Code can provide. We have named this solution TAP2.

Some of the many Features included with TAP2:

  • Cloud Controlled Tamper Proof Security Suite

  • Digital Payments including Staff Tipping

  • Digital Menu - Fully customisable

  • Real Time Ordering Platform (Indoor and Outdoor)

  • Social Media Sharing

  • WiFi Connection Helper

  • Custom URLS

  • And so much more, the functionality Amazing!

The TAP2 Tag is a fully customisable, all weather solution, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and supports all modern smart phones. This security is based on one time AES keys which is securely stored in the cloud to perform cryptographic authentication. Several security and privacy aspects are contained on the TAP2 Tag such as UID, Originality signature, EAS and AFI functionality, among others to protect you and your customers. Start turning your tables into smart tables, all this and No battery is needed.

Contact us today at [email protected] and we can get you up running. Right now we are offering TAP2 tags and ordering tablets free of charge while stocks last!

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