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Customise your QuikTagz with your own logo!

Corporate options available on request.

Quiktagz is an NFC Tag that integrates all your social media handles, contact details and content you wish to share; all in one place.

The Quiktagz app also gives you a personalized shareable link to your 'Quiktagz profile'.

Supercharge your brand by sharing the Quiktagz link across all your social media bios; Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Email etc!

The best part: Your customers don't need an app to receive your info! With just a tap or click, you can direct your followers/customers to your Quiktagz profile which is your own personal micro-site.

Here they can:

  • View all your Social Media Links.
  • Make contactless payments or donations.
  • Shop from your Web/Merch Store.
  • Get access to exclusive content.
  • Join your mailing list and much more!
The best part about QuikTagz is that it is powered by the QuikTipz payment software which allows for instant secure payments with just a tap on the QuikTagz.
So, no matter if you’re an individual or a business, QuikTagz offers you all the tools you need to expand your brand one Tap or Click at a Time.

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