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Building payments as code experiences 

GOQuikz Team working on Payment Products

Our Mission

GoQuikz Mission is not to be just another Payments business. Our mission is to build Payments as Code infrastructure to provide our customers with next level payment experience that provide new and innovative UI's to interact with their customers. 


We see payments and accounts that are event driven and workflow driven so business provide an experience to customers that is not only best in class and secure but also provides the customer paying a new way to interact with the business. 

Its a win win for all. Not only do your customer have a tailored payment experience, your business get the most advanced data and analytics available to understand that experience. This leads to a happier customer, happier staff and a more robust business. 

Our Story - From Tips to Debit Cards

GOQuikz Team working on Payment Products

The idea was conceived way before the pandemic.


Just reading about how big restaurant chains and delivery services take a huge cut on the tips intended for the workers. 

Hospitality workers fall below the median salary in most societies. But they are still victims of poor wages and not receiving gratuity efficiently hurts them. 

All these factors heightened during the pandemic the common hardworking man again suffered.  

As people are favouring cashless solutions, hospitality workers and artists are being left behind. 

Our team has a core of ex-hospitality staff that have worked in all areas you can think of,  from bar staff to a food delivery drivers; and some have even tried their hands at busking… 

They all agreed that payments and tipping was broken in it’s current format. It was inefficient, lacked transparency and was time consuming.  


We leveraged our tech expertise with real life scenarios and come up with a platform that aims to change payments and balances the playing ground for workers in the hospitality sector by providing faster access to funds and account services. 

In times where businesses are struggling to get their workforce back to work being employee centric is the way to go GoQuikz aims to solve multiple problems associated with tips for the Workers, Business owners and Customers. 


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